East Ridge Elementary PTA Board of Directors

The PTA Board consists of all elected officers and four standing committee chairpersons.

The ERPTA Board of Directors is the main decision-making body and legal representative of East Ridge Elementary PTA.


Tiffany Dial and Christina Phillips, president@erpta.org

Interested in getting involved in PTA? Contact our President!

Vice-Presidents of Fundraising:

Carleen Flack, vpfundraising@erpta.org 

With the help of the board, the fundraising committee is responsible for creating, running, and tracking all fundraisers. Work with this committee may include everything from coordinating volunteers, making posters, printing flyers, brainstorming fundraisers, and sending thank you notes. No prior fundraising experience is necessary.

Vice-President of Programs: 

Kristin Bernhardt, vpprograms@erpta.org

The VP of Programs is responsible for all of our ongoing programs, such as Art Docent, Classic Books, School Play, STEM Enrichment, and other ongoing program committees. This is an advisory position, as all of the programs reporting to this position have chairpeople of their own. This is a great position for someone new to the board who wants to begin to learn how PTA works.

Co-Vice-Presidents of Events:

Terri Kashi and Stephanie Hennessey, vpevents@erpta.org

The VP’s of Events are responsible for overseeing our Welcome Back Celebration and other community events such as Bingo Night, Parents Nights, and Spelling Bees, and Art Walk. These folks coordinate vendors and activities for the events. They order tables, chairs, and food for events. Anyone who has planned a child’s birthday party can succeed in this role. This is a great committee to serve on if you are unable to help out with school hour activities. Most of these events and work can be done during evenings and weekends.

Vice-President of Communications:

Jennifer Lederman, vpcommunications@erpta.org

The VP of Publications is responsible for overseeing the publication of the Directory, Yearbook, End of Year Slideshow, and End of Year DVD. Ideally, this position requires some photo and publishing layout skills, however we can bring someone up to speed on that. We always need people to contribute photos for the yearbook and slideshow.

David Bishop and Mitchel Zimberg, treasurer@erpta.org 
Our Treasurer can answer all your budget related questions, as well as provide donation receipts for tax purposes. The treasurer position requires some bookkeeping back ground, or at least a good head for numbers. We use software that walks you through the process. This position requires organization, attention to detail, and a minimum of 8 hours a weeks to complete. To learn more about this important position, please consider being on our financial review committee, which meets twice yearly in January and July.

Donna Wagner, secretary@erpta.org 
The Secretary is responsible for the minutes for PTA Board & General Membership Meetings.

Standing Committees

Membership – Marie Shobe, membership@erpta.org
Membership is a wonderful position for someone with time at the beginning of the year, as this is when it is most active. The membership chair handles membership forms and monies, creates income deposit records, and inputs member information into the state PTA database.
Hospitality – Kristin Capps and Tanya O’Rourke, hospitality@erpta.org
Our hospitality chair provides treats for board and general meetings, and assists with refreshments at all PTA events.
Emergency Prep – Kevin Dobey, emergencyprep@erpta.org
The emergency prep chairs maintain our emergency container by keeping accurate inventory, rotating old inventory out and new inventory in, planning emergency procedures by coordinating with staff, and assisting in safety drills at our school.