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A website for East Ridge Elementary PTA (6.10.14) in Woodinville, Washington.


2015-2016 East Ridge PTA:



Field day is just around the corner and we need your help! The kids look forward to this event and we need lots of hands to make it happen. Our theme this year is OLYMPICS! To help bring in the theme we thought it would be fun to have the kids wear matching colors with everyone in their grade.

K: Red, 1st: Green , 2nd: Black, 3rd: Blue, 4th: Yellow, 5th: White

The Field Day Schedule is new this year!

Classes Times Location
K-2 10:20-11:20 Field
3-5 10:50-11:20 Commons/black top (this time would be used for yearbook signing, snacks, and board games)

Break for lunch

3-5 2:10-3:10 Field
K-2 2:40-3:10 Commons/Black top

Come and help us make this day a great memory! Look for the sign-up genius link in the online newsletter or email Steph Hennessy at stephhennessy@hotmail.com or Terri Kashi at school@thekashis.com .



PTA State of the Union

Hello fellow East Ridge parents! We want to keep you in the loop on what’s happening with your PTA. There are many changes on the horizon for East Ridge: a new principal, a new superintendent, upcoming boundary changes bringing a large influx of new students and families, and sadly a decline in revenue that threatens the existence of some PTA programs. Please note that the PTA presently has a budget surplus and we do not anticipate having to eliminate any current programs at this time. However, with upcoming funding changes and current program commitments, this surplus could be exhausted within a year.

East Ridge PTA directly funds nearly $30,000 worth of school programs each year (about $100 per student per year), which represents approximately 90% of PTA expenditures1. These programs include the only Art and Science programs offered at East Ridge. Highlights of PTA provided programs include:

* Art Docent – PTA volunteers have been teaching your kids about artists, art terms and techniques, while having fun working with numerous materials including fused glass and pottery. We can thank our art docent team for the beautiful artwork that now hangs on our school, murals in the covered area, the fused glass ornament holiday gifts from your children and the beautifully displayed pieces at Art Walk!

* Science-to-Go – A science enrichment course provided by PTA offers students interactive lessons to stimulate a practical understanding of the Washington State Science Standards. The program specializes in hands-on science enrichment labs.

* Emergency Preparedness – PTA provides and maintains the container required by the State for our students and staff incase of an emergency.

* 6th Grade Guitar Lessons – PTA covers the instruction fees for this extensive course.

* Cedar & Salmon – An incredible opportunity for our 4th graders to learn about Washington’s Native American History in an interactive setting with Ronn “Long Claw” Wilson.

* Student Assemblies – PTA covers the fees for many of our student assemblies.

* Staff Support Fund & Staff Grants – PTA provides each teacher with $150 reimbursement for class resources, and offers staff members the opportunity to request funds for equipment.

* Library Grant – The PTA has provided the library with a sizable grant for new books and equipment each year.

* Booked for Lunch – 3rd through 6th grade students meet with PTA volunteers and discuss quality books over their lunch recess.

* Earth Club – Offering students the opportunity to learn about gardening while enhancing our school’s appearance.

* Welcome Back Celebration, Art Walk and Field Day

* Spelling Bees – Held annually for 1st – 6th graders

* Scholarships – Available for students in need of financial assistance to cover costs of school events and/or programs.

Additionally, the PTA sponsors many self-funded programs including the School Play (Lion King Jr.), after school enrichment programs (11 classes this year), Spirit Wear, Mariner’s Day and Yearbook. Although these programs do not use PTA funds (and may return a small profit to the PTA) they are reliant upon PTA overhead and resources.

The PTA has traditionally funded our expenses in the following manner:

Donations 42%

Safeway eScrip & Box Tops 25%

Corp. Match 14%

Profit from Programs 8%

Misc./Other 11%

What’s Next?

Your PTA is working hard to offset the decline in revenue from family donations (down about 50% from last year) and to create new opportunities to generate revenue. In addition to the decline in family contributions to our PTA, Safeway has informed us that they are eliminating their eScrip program this year and replacing it with a grant program. Regrettably, East Ridge does not quality for this new program. eScrip provided approximately $7500 per year in revenue to the East Ridge PTA.

Although we do participate in a number of other eScrip programs (e.g. Amazon Smile, PCC, Fred Meyer, Kroeger) these programs have extremely low payout rates relative to the Safeway program and provide very little revenue for the PTA.

If there was ever a time to get involved, it is now. We are currently working on fresh fundraising strategies, planning for next year and forming committees. There are many opportunities for you to make a difference that can accommodate any schedule and available time constraints, including:

* Come to our last PTA General Meeting on Wednesday, June 8th, 6:30 p.m. at Triplehorn Brewery. Come see for yourself how this all works at a fun place that’s kid friendly J

* Serve on the Board – Our Nominating Committee is seeking volunteers for several board positions and many positions are partnered with another person to balance the work and double the fun!

* Send us your fundraising ideas – Our first-ever clothing drive was very successful and we are always looking for other fundraising strategies.

* Make sure you have submitted a corporate match for your donations to PTA (if available)

* Donations – If you were planning on donating and forgot, it is never too late. Donations are accepted online at erpta.org or personal checks via kid-mail.

* eScrip programs– Although they don’t pay much, every bit helps!

* Volunteer time – In addition to money, PTA programs also rely on over 1,000 parent volunteer hours per year. Upcoming opportunities to volunteer include Field Day and Art Docent lessons.

Serving on the PTA Board has been a wonderful experience for us, something we both would highly recommend. Our board continues to grow, welcome new members and try new ideas. This group is a wonderful mix of caring parents that like to support our students and have fun doing it. Please consider joining us to help enrich our student’s education and grow our school community! We hope to hear from you, we are available anytime to answer questions or discuss how you’d like to help.

All the best,

Tiffany Dial & Christina Phillips 816/213-0653 206/595-6557 president@erpta.org

These activities are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Northshore School District or any of its schools. The district assumes no responsibility for the conduct during or the safety of the activities. Northshore School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action, claim, or petition filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials including attorney’s fees and judgment or awards.



lion king

Congratulations to the Cast of The Lion King Jr. for a Stellar Performance

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of the volunteers who logged hundreds of hours to make Lion King Jr. such a big success. PLAY DIRECTORS: Holli Bieler, Donna Ciero, Jenny  Cobbley, Cristin Dowd, Jennifer Egts, Tamra Erickson, Kari Fink, Janett Garcia-Riseland, Rebecca Haefele, Julia Hughes, Cari Johnson, Terri Kashi, Andria Klein, Arvind Mann, Steve Miller, Debi Niemi, Stephanie Penoyer, Christina Phillips, Jennifer Reitz, Eva Sullivan, Tricia Treacy,  Julie Vandehey. SPECIAL THANK YOU to those who helped with costumes, props, backstage, and assisting our directors: Courtney Bookwalter, Lorie Brogan, Kevin Dobey, Laura Dobey, Anya Egts, Natasha Egts, Verdie Egts, Mikko Epstein-O’Rouke, Derek Fink, Sara Fink, Caroline Fitzpatrick, Caroline Fleming, Emalee Fleming, Vanessa Fleming, Anna Granken, Dan Granken, Kathryn Janecke, Meghan Johnson, Vicki Klein, Carrie Millar, Kerry Morgan, Donna Niemcek, Wes Niemcek, Nicole Oksness, Madison Penoyer, Anna Pietraszak, Katy Pietraszak, Melissa Pilla, Traci Portugal, Jenny Ringes, Lynn Smith, Jenn Strutzel, Max Tammen, Daovone Udom, Maggie Vandehey, Alix Welch, Renee Welch, Christine Wetmore, Natalie Wetmore, Drew Wilson, Christine Woodland. Also, a shout out to the parent volunteers as well. The students actors put on impressive performances. 


Nominating Committee

Want to get involved with PTA but don’t have a lot of time? We are looking for three people to join the nominating committee that helps slate individuals for the 2016-2017 PTA board. The committee works together for just a few weeks and the work can be done at home. Please contact Tiffany Dial for more information.

Earth Club Rocks:

Please take a moment to check out all of the beautiful work our Earth Club has accomplished. In the fall, many volunteers participated in planting, mulching, and general clean up. We are now all reaping the benefits to all of their hard work. Many perennials are beginning to come up in the various beds around campus. Do You like to get your hands dirty? Contact Jessi Bloomfor more information.


Spirit Wear

Did you miss the deadline to order spirit wear? We have available all sizes of youth and adult T-shirts, and most sizes of sweatshirts. These will be available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis. Please email Jenniferlederman@yahoo.com to coordinate your order.

 Threads & Treads

A free clothing bank for Northshore School District Families, Located at Canyon Park Junior High School – Threads and Treads provides Northshore families free, quality donated clothing for school age youth, teens, young adults and parents. Clothing items include: school-appropriate clothing for the school day and special events, sports wear, shoes, and accessories. All NSD families in need of clothing assistance are welcome to shop each month for 3 outfits. Threads and Treads is open Thursdays, 4-6pm Want to volunteer and donate? www.nsd.org/threadsandtreads

Eileen Jowell, ejowell@nsd.org, 425-408-7648

booked for lunch


Starting the week of October 19th. Thank you Holli Bieler for organizing this year’s Booked for Lunch. More information to come.


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